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  • Endowment Level Members ($100/month or more)
  • Violet Glasby
    Bob Yanish
    Margaret Lloyd
    Bassem Elhassan
    Allen and Gail Bishop
    Dick Read
  • Advocate Level Members ($50/month)
  • Tim O’Neill
    Chunhee Choo
    Elizabeth Bishop
    Jim Hensley
    Cristi Lyke
    Brad and Anne Becker
    Joel and Jennifer Pralle
    Peggy O’Toole and John Martin
    John Flanders
    Richard & Mary Peterson
  • Partner Level Members ($35/month)
  • Kenn Roehl
    Hilary Stonelake-Curtis
    Jen Murillo
    Nicholas Dibble
    Jane Quaintance
    Margaret Moutvic-Wasz
    David and Joy Rott
    Melinda Mariotti
    Tessa Olive
    Eileen Wallace
    Ron Nelson

Provider Level Members ($20/month)

Melissa Fredin
Karen Hanson
Craig Lewer
Kathy Lessard
Valerie Epseseth
Marilyn Fryer
Marco Rizzo
Alice Malecha
Ann Lien
Linda Angell
Reggie and Stacy Shones
Warren Bishop
Anne Kangas
Angela Peterson
Nathen Cunningham
Brandon Buckingham
Sandy Rogness
Lisa Grenell
Bob and Kristy Giere
Mike Schiller
David Inwards
David Sippel
Katie and Victor Mahaffey
Julie Duncan
Beverly Spittell-Lehman
Guy Finne
Paula Horner
David Pedersen
Tom and Marti Abts
Alexandra Spinner
Thomas and Nancy Heimer
Jim and Judy Sloan
Larry Prince
Larry and Karen Padgett
Rae Nohner
Mike Enke
Todd Lange
Travis Hunzeker
Julie Zalky
Jake Halloran
John and Millie Ellingson
Paul and Nancy Pedersen
Todd and Robin Sommer
Marjorie Davidoff
William (Bill) Kleis
Dave Hagre
Robert Songstad
Dave Ferber

Basic Level Members (Under $20/month)

Kristin Vallacher
Maureen Plitzuweit
Deborah Schroeder
Jane Theros

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  • Platinum Level Members ($1500/year)

  • United Heating & Cooling
  • Gold Level Members ($1000/year)

  • United Heating & Cooling
  • Silver Level Members ($500/year)

  • United Heating & Cooling

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