“It’s been a gift to have the opportunity to be a mom,” said Robyn.

Lonzo’s Story

“I’ve come a longer way than I thought I’d come before,” said Nick.

Nick’s Story

“My dad didn’t talk about his job much because it was top secret,” said Brian. “But he inspired me to program.”

Brian’s Story

“It’s all about the kids.”

Jed’s Story

“The doctors said that Matt had Down Syndrome.  They told us not to take Matt home.”

Matt’s Story

“Some day I want to buy a horse farm.”

Justin’s Story

“We can be bitter and mad at what life throws at us or we can move forward and make ourselves better through the adversity each of us face.  The opportunity to know and raise my son has forever changed me.”

Adrian’s Story

“We model caring here at PossAbilities and they pick up on that model.”

The Story Behind the Picture

“He likes the kids and the kids like to see him.”

Jerry’s Story

“It helped him change routine.”

Travis’ Story

“She loves to work.  It provides value to her life.”

Melanie’s Story

Watch Melanie’s 10-year Anniversary Celebration

“There’s no way to fight it now.  All we can do is keep him comfortable and let him do the things he enjoys at PossAbilities.”

Darren’s Story

“We all need purpose in our lives regardless of the disabilities we may have.”

The Bee Shed

“I couldn’t understand why the doctors couldn’t tell me when she would get better,” said Marlene. “That’s when I decided that we were going to work at it together.”

Mandy’s Story

“Joe seems happy there and that’s the best part.”

Joey’s Story

“The staff at PossAbilities really try to meet individual needs and preferences.”

Aoife’s Story

“We are just astonished how it has turned her into a young woman.”

Julie’s Story

“Karen has taught me a lot through the years.  She opened a window to the special needs population that I probably would have not had. She has taught me to be considerate of people with special needs and people that are different.”

Karen’s Story

“People with special needs is something I have been drawn to for a long time.  It was my calling.”

Recreation with Purpose

“Being a parent of a child with disabilities is not an easy road, but being involved in their lives does come with a sense of peace.”

Dan’s Story

“They help us cut down on the prep work.”

Our work at Sargent’s Gardens

“The way she holds them, she feels something.”

Jolynn’s Story

“I hurt my hip.  I was using a walker.  I went to PossAbilities.”

Tammie’s Story

“His life was physically taken away from him.  PossAbilities has helped.”

Abe’s Story