Get to Know ‘Em—A Night of PossAbilities Partners

Presenting Partner: Steve Gentry Construction

Steve Gentry Construction is our highest-level partner for A Night of PossAbilities in 2019. We recently spoke with the Steve Gentry Construction team who is sharing a little bit more about their company and partnership with PossAbilities.

PossAbilities: Start by giving us a little bit more information about Steve Gentry Construction, like what you do, maybe a motto or mission you have.

Steve Gentry Construction: We’ve been serving Rochester and the surrounding area for more than 20 years. We do roofing, remodeling, new home construction, and some light commercial work. Our company motto is “We Treat Your Home as if it Were Our Own.”

P: That’s a great motto; it actually leads into the next thing I’d like to share with everyone. Along with that motto, what is it that sets you apart from your competition?

SGC: It’s the many different types of construction projects we have the ability to work on; we do so with professionalism, integrity, and attention to detail toward each project we put our hands on.

P: It’s easy to see how a community like Rochester and southeast Minnesota would enjoy working with you. Is it safe to assume the reverse is true? What do you think about this area and having your company here?

SGC: It’s constantly changing and growing. There is always a need for new ideas, new approaches to our trade. There are so many unique ideas that come from this community.

P: We love the unique community as well. Great minds think alike? Let’s transition to our partnership. What’s your history with PossAbilities?

SGC: We first started working with PossAbilities in 2014 to create an office for [fmr. Development Director] Mr. Kenn Roehl. Since then we’ve proposed several different remodels and projects for everyone at PossAbilities. We started supporting “A Night of PossAbilities” in 2015 as a way to give back. It’s truly been a wonderful partnership since we were first invited to work with the organization.

P: That’s great to hear, thank you so much for the kind words. You mentioned “A Night of PossAbilities”. What are you looking forward to at this year’s event?

SGC: Our favorite thing is seeing the benefits and joy PossAbilities brings to its participants, making the event a highlight for our entire year. We enjoy hearing the personal stories of accomplishment and life-changing effects PossAbilities has on those participants; it needs to be seen by all.

P: Again, thanks so much, we truly appreciate your kind words. You may have already covered this a little bit, but what is it that made you want to support our organization?

SGC: It’s just a fantastic organization with wonderful staff; every single person employed by PossAbilities goes out of their way to work with each participant that comes through the door.

P: It’s hard to respond without saying thank you again. We’re blushing. We too feel we have a great partnership with you and we love your organization. So we both enjoy this partnership; how is it that you feel your mission aligns with ours (PossAbilities creates opportunities for children and adults with disabilities to contribute to and connect with the community)?

SGC: Steve Gentry Construction works through many customers to improve their homes and properties. Thus, allowing our homeowners and businesses alike to reach their goals and visions. Eileen (executive director) and the rest of the staff at PossAbilities strives to make sure all the PossAbilities campuses are fit for all to come in. Whether it be the access ramps, bathrooms, office spaces, or the parking lot. They want their workplace to be top notch; this is what we always strive for.

P: We definitely both want the best in all we do. Let’s go into a few fun questions. Do you have any unique or memorable projects that come to mind from the past?

SGC: We’ve worked on so many unique and one-of-a-kind projects. From helping build an accessible ramp into a home, to remodeling a small cabin into a big, beautiful lake home, to building a 9,600 square foot office and warehouse. We’ve been blessed to have such a wide range of projects. The opportunity to help make someone’s home or business exactly what they have always dreamed it could be is something special for us.

P: How about on the job site itself? Is there any equipment or tools that seem to be a favorite for people to use and work with?

SGC: That’d be the Caterpillar Telehandler. It’s a BEAST of a forklift that reaches 42 feet and has a 6,000-pound capacity. (You can see one for yourself here

P: That sounds like quite a machine. Besides the Telehandler, what is it that motivates you to continue doing the work you do?

SGC: Every job and job site is different. Having a satisfied home or business owner at the end of the project is an amazing feeling.

P: I bet. Before we let you go, is there anything else you’d like to say?

SGC: Just that we wish PossAbilities all the best, not only on this “A Night of PossAbilities”, but for the entire year and years to come.