Get to Know ‘Em–A Night of PossAbilities Partner

Platinum Partner: ONB Bank

ONB Bank has once again chosen to support PossAbilities as a platinum partner for A Night of PossAbilities in 2019. So we set out to help you get to know ONB a little bit better and learn a little bit about their relationship with our organization as well. Side note, ONB just opened up a new location in Stewartville a couple months ago…yay!

PossAbilities: We’ll start off with the basics. Give us a look into ONB; the organization’s history, mission, what goes on within the walls, etc…

ONB Bank: ONB is the sole member of Olmsted Holding Corporation, a bank holding company headquartered in Rochester since 1996. ONB Bank is owned by nearly 100 local shareholders and managed by a leadership team right here in Rochester and Stewartville. We offer a full array of products and services while maintaining the integrity of a community bank where decisions are made locally.

P: A lot of people definitely look for that local feel when they’re deciding how and where to manage their money. Is that something you’d say sets ONB apart from your competition?

ONB: Absolutely. We’re a community bank that is locally owned, locally managed, and decisions are made locally. Our staff is dedicated to providing friendly, efficient, and personalized service. Our staff is passionate about providing excellent customer service and will take that extra step to come up with a solution when able.

P: Sounds like you’ve definitely prioritized giving a personalized experience, emphasizing that you’re completely local. What is it about the Rochester community and surrounding area that makes it a great place to have your business?

ONB: Simply put, Rochester is a beautiful city. It’s a great place to live, work, and play, complementing neighborhood communities that are all unique in their own way. Rochester and the surrounding area are filled with honest, hard-working, innovative individuals who strive for excellence personally and professionally. Various organizations and businesses take pride in ownership and being successful, and they’re willing to share their knowledge within the community.

P: You echo a lot of the same things we feel about this community; let’s transition to our partnership. Is this your first year supporting PossAbilities? If so, what has the relationship been?

ONB: ONB has been a long-time supporter of PossAbilities. [ONB] President Brad Becker and CFO/VP Terry Sorenson have both served on the PossAbilities board of directors.

P: And we are so thankful for their support and service. What is it that made you choose to support PossAbilities?

ONB: It’s a great organization. It’s important to help people that may not have the same opportunities to help themselves as others do.

P: Thank you for the kind words, we want everyone to have equal opportunity. Do you feel your mission aligns with PossAbilities mission (PossAbilities creates opportunities for children and adults with disabilities to contribute to and connect with the community)?

ONB: Being a locally-owned, community bank, ONB feels it is of the utmost importance to give back to the communities we serve. Our mission is to not just be there for customers, but for the greater Rochester and Stewartville communities as a whole as well. We have the opportunity on a daily basis to go above and beyond simply completing banking transactions, which is why we feel passionately about supporting wonderful organizations like PossAbilities. PossAbilities does so much for its participants and we feel its presence in Olmsted and surrounding counties is crucial. We feel privileged to help this wonderful organization so they can continue with their excellent work.

P: Wow. Thank you again so much for the kind words. ONB definitely sounds like it strives to go above and beyond. What is it that keeps you motivated to keep doing what you’re doing?

ONB: In terms of ONB Bank being motivated in helping non-profit organizations, that will remain strong and a large part of ONB.  There are many wonderful non-profits that ONB will continue to assist financially, as well as volunteering and promoting these organizations.  Seeing the great things PossAbilities does for children and adults with disabilities to contribute and connect with the community is all the motivation ONB Bank needs to continue helping as we can.

P: It’s so great to hear you say that. We’re humbled to know our mission is motivation for a business to be so generous. How about a few looser, fun questions to close? What is a day in the life of a banker like?

ONB: With all the different positions at ONB, each is taking care of existing customers through phone calls, office meetings, or on-site meetings. ONB Bankers are always striving to come up with the best solutions, whether it be for a dream home purchase or getting a customer’s teenager started out with their first checking account.

P: You too have a huge impact on the community. Some big milestones there. What’s the most fulfilling or memorable customer interaction?

ONB: The “firsts”. Any time we help someone buy their first home, buy their first car, or open up a new account to save money, it’s a rewarding and memorable experience.

P: I can say it is from the customer perspective as well. Before we go, any chance we can get the combination for the safe?

ONB: Highly unlikely, but nice try!

P: Rats! Thanks so much for your time, and congratulations on your new Stewartville location!

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