Promoting an Inclusive Workplace

Similar to the Supported Employment program, Follow Along focuses on helping people with disabilities, mental health conditions, or other challenges maintain employment in the type of work they choose. Using a person-centered approach, Follow Along emphasizes creating support to meet the needs of each person, and ensuring they can thrive in the workplace. PossAbilities staff members train and coach each person on necessary work skills, behaviors, and co-worker relationships. Specifically, staff members coach and support acceptable workplace behavior and interactions, proper dress, personal hygiene, and help navigate workplace challenges. Persons served by the Follow Along program are hired directly by an employer in an integrated setting, with the employee being paid wages by the employer. This program does not provide placement services.

In addition, PossAbilities can help support business leaders by educating them on how to best support a person with disabilities in the workplace.


To be eligible for employment support services, a person must both:

  • Receive BI, CAC, CADI or DD waiver services.
  • Have employment support service as an assessed need in their coordinated services and supports plan (CSSP)

You can email questions to or call (507) 281-6116.