Employment For People With Disabilities

Our Entrepreneurial Center fosters new business and employment opportunities for adults with disabilities.

Through a long-standing partnership with Mayo Clinic, individuals at the center are able to work with the #1 healthcare system in the nation.  Monthly, individuals label test tubes for multiple laboratories for the Rochester Healthcare System. The task requires commitment and precision, yet has consistency that fits the skill set already well honed by many adults with disabilities who desire meaningful employment.

Each person working at the Entrepreneurial Center is trained by PossAbilities staff on how to properly label and sort test tubes for each laboratory.  They take ownership and pride in their work, knowing that the products they are preparing help the Mayo Clinic keep our community healthy.

In the Follow Along program, PossAbilities provides job coaching for people with disabilities competitively employed in the community.  We currently work with more than 40 people with disabilities employed at businesses in Southeastern Minnesota.


In order to qualify to work at PossAbilities Entrepreneurial Center, individuals  must be 18 years of age or older.

Also, individuals must be able to:

  • work independently
  • follow directions
  • focus on a task until it is completed
  • be able to write clearly

PossAbilities accepts the following funding sources:

  • Waiver Funding
  • County Funding
  • Private Pay

PossAbilities Entrepreneurial Center is located on 41st Street in NW Rochester, Minnesota.

You can email questions to POSM@PossAbilities.org or call (507) 281-6116.