All the PossAbilities

Good day readers,

Whether you’re a PossAbilities supporter, staff, family member, or just happened upon this page, we’re happy you’re here. This page will serve as the official PossAbilities Blog page, keeping you in the loop and up to date on everything happening both within our walls and out in the community.

So what exactly is it that you will read about if you follow our blog? What does “All the PossAbilities” mean? Let’s dive into that a little deeper.

  • Participant stories. There are so many great things happening at PossAbilities and through its programs. From participants finding gainful employment after being told they wouldn’t be able to work, to long-time PossAbilities employees making the decision to retire but stay with PossAbilities in a different program, there’s a “story-a-day” to tell within our organization. We want to make sure the wonderful stories don’t stay “cooped up”; great stories deserve to be shared!
  • Staff stories, updates, and testimonials. We have an incredible staff at PossAbilities who do wonderful things on the daily. I can all but guarantee every staff member here will be too humble to publicize how crucial they are to PossAbilities, but that’s what this blog is for! We want to make sure their great work gets the necessary attention. We will also keep you updated on those coming and going or reaching milestones on their career journey here at PossAbilities.
  • Partner/Supporter features. Our supporters are some of the greatest people and businesses in the world. It takes a special heart to be generous, and a unique soul to prioritize individuals at PossAbilities. Like staff, our supporters are all very humble and don’t do it for the publicity. We know that, but we also want others who visit our website and support us can get to know the incredible people in PossAbilities’ extended family.
  • Random Nonsense. Ok, so maybe nonsense isn’t the BEST word to use, because nothing about what we do is nonsensical. It’s more of a way to explain that there will be blogs posted that may not fit the above three categories. It could be as simple as a photo of a tour group that comes through with a brief explanation of who they are, or a blog piece about another organization doing great things in the community. After all, we would not be here without other organizations in the community, and this community would not be what it is without a team effort from all of us.

Of course, we’re also very open to ideas from YOU: readers, supporters, participants, families, random webpage surfers who got caught in the PossAbilities e-wave. If you have a blog idea you feel would be appropriate for our website, just give us a holler. You can send your ideas to Bill, Together we can get the proverbial potter’s lathe spinning and start throwing until the mound of clay is a beautiful vase.

So essentially, “All the PossAbilities” means you will hear ALL about PossAbilities and we will also explore ALL of the possibilities for blog subjects and features.

As we continue our blog updates, we hope you return and keep up with all of the happenings here. We’re glad you stopped by.

Individuals with disabilities are thriving, valued, and engaged community members. Our community is vibrant, inclusive, and advocates for all of its members.