At PossAbilities, we create opportunities for children and adults with disabilities to contribute to and connect with the community.


People with disabilities are thriving, valued, and engaged community members. Our community is vibrant, inclusive, and advocates for all of its members. PossAbilities is an exceptional agency of caring leaders and experts providing innovative, person-centered supports and services for people with disabilities.


PossAbilities was founded in 1961 by three mothers in Olmsted County. The mothers were looking to create a better life for their children, who had developmental disabilities. Through their efforts, the Minnesota Legislature established nine pilot Day Activity Centers (DACs). One of the first pilot DACs opened in Rochester in 1962. At the time, the center was just structured for children with developmental disabilities to have community-based education, but within a year, programming was added to include adults with developmental disabilities.

The success and community support of the Day Activity Center in Rochester blossomed into what it is today, PossAbilities of Southern Minnesota.