A Bond Unmatched by Adversity

A bond between person and pet is one that’s often irreplaceable. For many, it’s a bond that gets stronger by the day. But like everything in life, from the shoes on your feet to a delectable box of holiday chocolates, there will come a time to say goodbye.

While it is difficult to see a pet leave this earth, the memories of your time together can live forever. For one PossAbilities participant, Rose, that memory came in the form of a plaster cast of a paw print.

Cassidy the Cat had seen her fair share of hardship throughout her life. She was born with disfigured legs. But through therapy and the structure of a good home, Cassidy grew and thrived.

Then about two decades ago, Cassidy’s path crossed with someone who, like Cassidy, knows what it’s like to live with a disability and overcome adversity. From the moment they met, Rose and Cassidy connected and began building a relationship and bond that nothing could hinder. Over the years, that bond grew and grew with an endless showing of love and compassion. Both were happy living a life together.

A few years ago due to failing health, it was Cassidy’s time to move on from her physical being and Rose was faced with one of the toughest goodbyes anyone deals with. To remember Cassidy, Rose got a purple plaster cast of Cassidy’s paw print.

While the days of spending time with each other and growing together had passed, Cassidy’s spirit lived on, strong as ever, through this cast glued to Rose’s wheelchair. To Rose, it was more than an artistic piece of plaster. It was a constant reminder that Cassidy was still with her and a sign of the incredible bond the two had shared.

Unfortunately, Rose was faced with more adversity after an accident that left the plaster cast broken into three pieces. Staff who worked with Rose did their best to repair the token that brought so much joy, but even when glued together, the cracks still showed the appearance of a broken mold. With the broken mold came more adversity for Rose. But as it’s been for her entire life, this adversity too would be overcome.

Enter Luke, the PossAbilities Seniors Program Coordinator. Luke has a bit of a background working with making molds and plaster casts. After seeing the disappointment in Rose following the accident, he took action.

After carefully removing the cast from Rose’s wheelchair, Luke purchased the necessary supplies and got to work on a new cast to replicate the previous one the best he could. But it wasn’t going to come easy.

There were multiple failed attempts, but Rose was with Luke throughout the entire process encouraging him and enjoying seeing the process to recreate this priceless sign of Cassidy. Finally, on the fourth attempt, a perfect replication. Through skill, precision, and unconditional love for the people around him, Luke brought Cassidy and Rose back together once again.

The bond between a person and pet is one that’s often irreplaceable. In this case, the bond is also unbreakable. Unmatched by adversity, Rose is once again filled with the joy of that constant reminder of Cassidy and the life they lived together.

There is one thing that’s a little different. Rose decided purple didn’t quite fit. She decided to paint it yellow because of her favorite bird, Tweety…to remember her favorite cat.