Hiring Us

Putting people to work

We help people with disabilities find and keep jobs throughout the region. Clients engage in meaningful work in a variety of industries, including:

And did you know employees with disabilities have proven to be among the most reliable workers in positions with high turn-over rates? It’s true. What’s more, our Job Coaches will train PossAbiltities workers at no cost to the employer.

We’ll also:

Where we work

Please view our impressive list of businesses employing PossAbilities workers in Rochester and throughout southeastern Minnesota. We thank these supportive businesses for employing people with disabilities.

Client transportation

Some PossAbilities clients take the city bus to and from their job sites; some ride their scooters; still others are transported to and from work by PossAbilities staff. Regardless of the method you can trust that PossAbilities employees will arrive at work safely and on time.

Hiring workers

To learn more about hiring a PossAbilities worker please contact one of our Employment Services Program Coordinators:

Nathan Bell




Paul Pederson




Joel Pralle