“You see where the money is going. When you give to PossAbilities it stays here and it’s spent here.”
~ Gail Bishop - Donor

“As a Board member it’s great to help, in a small way, the staff and PossAbilities overall to serve the needs of those who are not able to do many things for themselves.”
~ Brad Becker - Board Member

“PossAbilities clients are part of our team.”
~ Tim Clemens - Greenway General Manager

“PossAbilities makes the community a better place.”
~ Diane Sibley - Parent of a PossAbilities worker

“Each day my daughter goes to work at a place where opportunity and inclusion are reality. Our community is better due to the can-do attitude of the staff and clients of PossAbilities.”
~ Peggy O’Toole-Martin - Board Member and Parent

“I’ve always had a special place in my heart for individuals with disabilities. It is so rewarding to be part of an Agency that serves children and adults with disabilities. We make a difference.”
~ Roxanne Hellickson - Agency Board President

“We expected to get clean offices but we didn’t expect smiles, hugs and friends.”
~ Kim Adams - SNG Research

“PossAbilities opens the door of opportunity for their clients.”
~ Lynn Bockenhauer - Board Member